The Teabagg'rs


Introducing ‘The Teabagg’rs”, political toys with an attitude and a need for spell-check!As with past product parodies, “The Teabagg’rs” are cleverly designed editorial cartoons in three-dimensional form, satirizing the political climate in the United States.

With this latest artwork, Graphix4change scrutinizes the rise of the Tea Party in the aftermath of the 2008 Election of Barack Obama. The anger, regressive policies, latent racism and violence associated with the Tea Party are embodied by characters such as Timmy Teabagg’r, English-Only Edgar, Birther Betty, and Second Amendment Sammy. The toy characters — made up of fabric, wood, foam and found toy parts — and the box itself are all handmade prototypes of a theoretical toy line. The characters carry signs that were proudly held by actual Tea Party members at protests in Washington D.C. and throughout the U.S.