Back in 2001, I decided to go back to school for my Masters in Communication Design degree part time, with the intent of developing posters of some as yet undefined political nature. So to do this I began taking classes at New Jersey City University at nights. My first semester was September 2001. Then 9-11 happened, just across the river. Friends and family were affected. I drove past the shadow of the NYC skyline every night coming home from classes. It was a dark time.

Moreover, my family originates from the Middle East, and having close ties to an Arab-American community in New Jersey, I heard a lot of ugly talk and discrimination from people whom I worked with and sat next to in Church. My work began to focus on aspects of this discrimination, both by some in public and some in government. The Patriot Act came into existence, then the Iraq War. My work was as much an attempt to make sense of the new normal as it was a reaction to it. Slowly my work moved from my identity as an Arab-American in Post 9-11 America to an American in this shifted political landscape.

Much of the work on this site was developed within the context of my Master Thesis on Politics and Consumerism, hence the subversion of many popular brands. Having always been a hug fan of satire, SNL and The Daily Show, it just made sense that I would confront the issues of the day by making fun of them. Now, post-grad school, two jobs and two kids later, I have less time to do “my own work”. Still, I occasionally train my eye on certain topics that irk me, as I devour more news than a normal person should.

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