Patriot Act: The Home Version

The board game that brings the thrill of trampling the Constitution right into your home!

PATRIOT ACT: The Home Version, is a game inspired by the historic abuse of governmental powers of the same name. Many of the hypothetical situations in the game are based on real-life events. Either as a game to be played or as a statement to be read, Patriot Act: The Home Version educates the user to the current erosion of our civil rights by the government while claiming to be protecting our freedoms. John Ashcroft may no longer be Attorney General, but his legacy lives on in the anti-freedom legislation that this game is a tribute to.

To view the Press Kit of the game and the scripted mock advertisement, click HERE.

To download a ZIP file containing printable Acrobat PDF version of PATRIOT ACT: The Home Version, click HERE.

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Patriot Act: The Home Version is Copyright ©2004