Republican Cereals

Republican Cereals

This series of "Political Consumer Products" marked a new artistic direction. The idea to subvert products is nothing new, but these are more fully-realized packages than most subversions. The product look parodies several well known breakfast cereals and act as 3D political cartoons. The product information on the sides and back serve as an area for expanded political commentary — broken down to simple, easy to understand concepts or activities. Much like a child (or adult) would sit and read the cereal box while eating breakfast, these political boxes read like the editorial section of the newspaper. These Cereal Boxes are available for purchase, contact graphix4change for pricing and collection information.

Please note that these are empty boxes and do not contain any actual food product.

"Neo-Con Krispies" takes on the Neo-Cons in the administration who pushed for the invasion of Iraq, predicting a "cakewalk." The game on the back has the Krispies (Cheney, Perle and Wolfowitz) re-drawing the map of the Middle East, much the same way Britain did with Palestine and Iraq, creating the problems those areas are dealing with today.

"Conservative Crunch" is a commentary on the 2004 Elections. The Republicans, and specifically Conservatives in the party won control of The White House, The House and the Senate and now hold control over the future of the Supreme Court, an we are effectively experiencing government by a one-party system.

"Moral Charms" examines the "moral values" and the Fundamentalist Christian base that swayed this election. Lead by Pat Robertson, the Christian Coalition hammered images of the Apocalypse with nothing but gay people, clones and Muslims running amok over THEIR God's creation. The side panels list only some of Robertson’s most self-righteous and un-Christlike quotes.