Occupation War Game

The Occupation War Game parodies another famous game while once again using the cold hard facts to support the action. The game targets not the military, but the War Profiteers and mercenaries, while criticizing the Administration's lack of concern for veterans and the Walter Reed Hospital scandal. The Game was produced specifically for the "Playing With Toys" Exhibit at the Atlantic Gallery, NYC in June 2007. There is only one board in existence, and due to its construction, will not be available for download. All information gathered for this game is compiled from the following websites and organizations: www.OpTruth.org, www.VotVets.org, www.NPR.org, www.msnbc.com, www.followthemoneyproject.org, www.alternet.org (other sources are noted on cards).

Excerpt from the Rules:
Players are war profiteers working for one of the private contracting firms (Blackwater, Halliburton, KBR, Vinell Corporation, Dyncorp), or are Administration Officials with connections and financial investments in these firms, and steer no-bid contracts their way.

Navigate through the politics of war and to try and make as much of a profit as possible, while avoiding bad publicity, pesky news leaks, scandal and Congressional hearings. If you draw a card requiring you to cut spending, you can surgically remove a strategic portion of the U.S. Military budget and pocket the difference. Your concern is not for the troops, but the expansion of the war so you can keep the profits rolling in!

If you sound the alarm while trying to remove funding, you lose a turn. The war profiteer with the most money once the troops are completely disenfranchised (all funding removed from game board), wins!